Visa On Arrival

Kenya is a place of natural wonders which are so marvelous that it is difficult to find its match anywhere in this huge world. From the ice tipped volcanic Mount Kilimanjaro to the incredible great migration to the relentlessly striving wildlife, Kenya is an eye catcher beyond words. Not only does it attract people for its magical nature, but Kenya’s progressive socio-economic state is another significant invitation for people across all borders.

If you are one of the many who intend to reach into Kenya then Kenya visa on arrival is your ticket in. It is the latest attribute given to the visa service which makes receiving a visa for Kenya completely effortless and swift. The traveler can now apply for a visa online, i.e. on the internet, and simply receive his/her visa on the internet itself from the Visa Authority.

In order to apply for a visa on arrival there are certain eligibility criteria that the visitors need to satisfy and you can read more about this here. All of these are the usual type of requirements that one needs to fulfill while travelling abroad. The fee to apply for Kenyan visa varies from country to country and to check for the charge applicable from your country you can click here.