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A Sensational Stroke of Serenity


A place that is ready to bewilder you by its benign beauty and its unexpectedly modern life style. Kenya is an African dreamland that encompasses a pinch of all its flavors. A people who are attached to their roots, nurture their values just as they nurture their lands. Kenya hosts over a million tourists every year from all corners of the world and the count increases by the day. It has acquired a status of one of the most developed of the African countries and is popular for amazing the visitors with its technological advancements as well. Reflecting the tribal origins of Kenya, its handicrafts like jewellery, stone and wood carvings, and chairs and batiks are famous world-wide.


Surrounded by a different type of geographical environment on either side, Kenya has a changeable climate across the territory and the year. A mild and moist mellow of the eastern coastline meets the deciduously dried desert of the north. A dual drama of drench showering twice a year keeps the varied flora and fauna vivid and green. Home to immaculate natural landscapes, mountains and wildlife, Africa is blend of mesmerizing weather and magical scenes of mass wilderness.


Kenya has since long attracted countless travelers from all around the globe and consequently it now caters all classes of cuisine. One can choose from American, Chinese, Italian, Indian, and local menus at a high class hotel or an affordable restaurant or even at the street. The quality of food is good and the prices are reasonable.

The Kenyan beer is well known for its ripe taste and fresh brewing just as much well known as for its internationally renowned coffee. Along with these indigenous drinks, all types of liquors are available for the visitor including imported spirits and fresh fruit juices.


Travel trends

Tourism in Kenya produces second highest revenue for its economy. After being awarded world's best leisure destination in 2008, the tourist number in Kenya reached a record mark of 1.8 million in 2011. 50% of the visitors have been recorded to come from the developed countries like the European countries and the USA and most of these visit are centered around the Wildlife safaris and natural retreats of the highest stature.

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